Even though there are many advantages to using Skype, there are also some disadvantages that go along with it. To use Skype you have to be connected to the Internet, unlike other web cams where you don’t have to be. Depending on how strong he connection is, there could be delays in conversation. Not only does the connection have something to do with quality but it also has to do with the amount of programs that are open. Too many programs can slow it down even with a strong connection. Another disadvantage is that it can be too easy to search for people. Even though contacts can be blocked, there are a lot of people that can still find and add you. Not all applications on Skype are free and could cost a lot of money if someone was unaware of them. It costs money to call a landline phone or cell phone and depending on where you are calling it will depend on how much it costs. It is only free to talk Skype to Skype.

By: Sarah Schneider